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Award-winning Senior Web Content Specialist with 12 years experience in digital strategy development, editing, social media, analytics and strategic planning with skills in communications, marketing strategy, social media engagement.

I have worked on the web since 2006 and was among the first at ESPN to launch a Twitter account and a Facebook page (back when you had to create a business page mimicked a real person).

I love new beginnings. I have been on the ground level of launches at Rivals.com, ESPN, US Lacrosse, 3dRising and Student Sports. I love starting something new, which is what led me to start LaxRecords, Inc. (NFP), a non-profit that is working to digitaze the history of boys' high school lacrosse.

What I've learned over the years is that there is no substitute for hard work and grit.

I work full-time at Moraine Valley Community College where I manage the college's main social media accounts and website.