Included below are links to the Moraine Valley Community College website, in which I manage content and work as part of the team that develops and maintains web standards. You will also find links to Moraine's social media accounts. I am the leader of a monthy social media group whose aim is to create a cohesive strategy across all of Moraine Valley's social media accounts.

You will also find links to some of my written work published on ESPN, Student Sports, US Lacrosse and 3d Lacrosse.

Moraine Valley Community College

I have grown the Moraine Valley Instagram account by 511 percent since taking over full-time management of the account in March of 2015. I accomplished this through creating a strategy that identifies our target audience and augments our goals. I enlisted both our campus photographer and videographer, who both help posting. This combinated earned us the Dave Sarther's Teamwork Award in 2016.

Moraine Valley's Facebook page has grown 176 percent since I took over. There has been an increased focus on video and using the social platform as our main driver of video. 

While the main focus at Moraine Valley has been on Instagram growth, we have utilized Twitter as a news source. We post information for college's visiting campus, events and important notices that our students need to make their experience the best it can be.

LaxRecords, Inc. (NFP)

I founded in summer 2014 and created LaxRecords, Inc. (NFP) in Sept. 2016. The mission of the company is to digitize boys high school lacrosse records to preserve the history of the sport.

As Director I create a digital strategy that has garnered strategic partnerships, and content creation that has grown the site to more than half-a-million page views a year.

Utilizing a social media strategy that puts the community first, LaxRecords social accounts reach more than 6,000 followers and has increased year-over-year.

At the height of lacrosse season, LaxRecords' Twitter account earns more than 2 million impressions and averages more than 10 engagements per week.



Promoted in winter of 2009 I took over's lacrosse site full-time and became responsible for all aspects of creating the lacrosse business.

This included directing and managing content, handling weekly budgets to ensure the continued growth of user engagement, managing external communications and managing the lacrosse department’s financial budget. I was responsible for finding, hiring and managing reporters, photographers and videographers to ensure the high journalistic standards of ESPN were met with every story.

Written a few months after our group was purchased, the story broke shortly after a scandal at Penn State in which Joe Paterno had football players cleaning out the football stadium after a game. Maryland had several high school football players verbally committed to Penn State at the time and I did a piece gauging their continued interest and any potential parental impact the perceived lack of institutional control had on their decisions.

Stories and Coverage

Freelance Work

3d Lacrosse

In October 2014 I was hired as a freelance writer for 3d Lacrosse to cover recruiting and high school lacrosse. My first assignment was to cover Project 9, an event created by Paul Rabil, which brought the top 63 high school lacrosse players to St. Paul's School in Maryland. I developed the content strategy and crafted two stories from the event - one feature and one focused on players. I moved on to a management role where I worked with coaches around the country on a national voting panel, where I tabulated, researched and executed the 3dRising strategy on a state-by-state ranking system.

Student Sports

In May 2013 I was recruited to help Student Sports relaunch their media outlet and tasked to conceive an original content plan, design the user interface, generate all content and maintain the page.

Our highest trafficked page was our Boys' FAB 50 Team Rankings followed by our Top 50 Players list. The site started with less than 300 views a day in the first week, but through grassroots marketing and creating 10 new partnerships in 12 months, traffic increased 1,800 percent in 12.

The primary vehicle pushing the increased viewership was strategic creation of partnerships with various media outlets in different states to participate in our FAB 50 panel who helped promote each week's current rankings on their websites.

The ongoing promotion via Twitter was crucial in the growth, and the @McLoveday account grew to more than 2,000 followers by June 2014. Every day, three stories posted on the site and several existing content items were updated and promoted via social media.

US Lacrosse

I was recruited to help coordinate US Lacrosse's growing coverage of high school lacrosse. I managed a freelance staff of four journalists to ensure that weekly deadlines were met, aid in content generation and copy edit all materials. I created and operated the Top 25 voting panel that was sponsored by Nike.

The voting panels for boys and girls included more than 20 coaches from around the country. I was responsible for sending out weekly external communications to all voters, which included previous week results to ensure they had sufficient information to place their vote each week. I was also responsible for the Mid-Atlantic region notebook each week.