Changes Are Coming to Instagram, But Will They Help Small Accounts?

Will the changes Instagram is testing help small business accounts?

Will the changes Instagram is testing help small business accounts?

Instagram announced changes are coming to profile pages with the potential changes being A/B tested across the community.

It got me thinking what I could use on a revamped profile page, and one thing comes to mind - additional links.

Accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add the 'Swipe Up' feature to their Stories, which is great if you have that many followers. But if you’re like me and excited about hitting 1,000, then that option is a distant dream.

Allowing small businesses to add more function to their profile pages is a smart move for Instagram. As the platform continues to grow and more companies see its value, the more heavy lifting those profile pages need to accomplish.

I still see, in 2018, accounts write a URL into the caption of their photos. It makes me cringe every time because you cannot copy and paste that link, so the only way someone can navigate to that page is to type it in. They are not going to do it so that link might as well not exist.

Small accounts need options to help their accounts grow. My lacrosse website gets very little traffic from Instagram. I use the platform as brand awareness and to reach a different demographic, but the ultimate goal is to convert those Instagram fans to fans of my website. Having one way to link them to my page is limiting.

The algorithmic changes Instagram has made makes the “Link in Bio” option less useful if you’re making multiple posts in a day or even posting consistently. By the time someone sees that post, the URL may be on to the next story.

It’s a challenge posting daily as-is, much less changing out the URL on my profile page each day.

This is why having a box that can be updated (or even three!) with text that I can type would be one of the most useful things Instagram could do.

I could have a link for my Player of the Week and change that once a week, or a link to an evergreen story.

The best change for me and other small accounts are options.

What do you think? What should Instagram add to help you out?


Mike Loveday

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