My Favorite App Right Now: TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch has become an indispensable part of my photography workflow.

TouchRetouch has become an indispensable part of my photography workflow.

A few years ago, my wife and I were at a race weekend and I wanted to take her photo with the Chicago skyline in the background. The problem was because it was a race weekend, there were ports potties, vans and buses surrounding the park. I got the photo I wanted, but it always bugged me there were toilets in the image.

TouchRetouch has changed everything.

TouchRetouch has become a staple of my photography lately because it does one thing really well - it makes things disappear.

I take 99 percent of my photos with my iPhone and I am a novice when it comes to Photoshop. I can do some basics, but many of the photos I take I don’t import into an additional service.

TouchRetouch integrates with the Photos app on my phone, so you don’t need to open a separate app to edit the image. I’ve been surprised at how addicting this is and how annoyed I am when a new photo editing app doesn’t have this feature.

This has been one of my favorite photos of my wife for years now. It’s the one I took during that race weekend. That school bus in the background has always bothered me. I wanted the background to not interfere with the image.


Here's the same image after spending five minutes with TouchRetouch.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I realize this could have been done (and maybe done better) with Photoshop, but I never left the Photos app on my phone and it took me less than five minutes to accomplish.

The app’s page describes it thusly

What magic can you do with TouchRetouch?

Remove telephone wires and posts, power lines
Remove surface breaks and scratches—both straight and curved
Remove photobombers
Remove pimples and skin blemishes
Remove human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans
Remove whatever you feel is spoiling your photos


Make unwanted objects vanish right before your eyes by just marking them.
With Blemish Remover, you can touch any minor blemish once to remove it forever.


Mark only a section of a line to remove it whole; no need to be precise—the app will find the line.
If you need to erase only a part of a line, use Segment Remover.
Set Line Thickness to Thin, Medium, or Thick for better performance.


Eliminate distractions from photos with the Object Removal tool—select either Brush or Lasso, mark the content to be removed, and then tap the Go button.
Remove defects or duplicate objects by using the Clone Stamp tool.
Adjust Stamp Size, Hardness, and Opacity as desired.
Use Eraser to wipe out what has just been cloned.
Set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as needed.


Watch the in-app video tutorials for guidelines on how to use the app.
Read some tips and advice on how to get more out of the tools the app offers.

With the uses I’ve put it through, it has lived up to the description. I’ve taken photos with junk in the background and no longer worry about it. One of the most-liked images on Instagram was run through TouchRetouch before posting.





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