Three of My Favorite Things: Travel Edition

A few years ago I did a list of my most used apps, and I've been thinking about some of the apps or items I've spent the most time with this year. I've been in graduate school the entire year, so my habits have changed quite a bit.

I've been traveling more than ever as I head back to Maryland to visit family once a month. Because of this, what I use has changed a bit and I'm always on the lookout for something that might make life just a little easier. 

With that in mind, I want to share with you three items that have brought me small amounts of joy this year in case it might help you out as well. 

If you have any alternatives to what I have listed below, let me know in the comment section.


Caddy Sack by Twelve South: $49.99

I have gone through an obscene amount of travel cases in the past year. I always have my Apple Watch (more on that later), my iPhone, computer, sometimes my iPad and wireless headphones. Carrying all the cables have been a huge pain in the butt. However, the Caddy Sack has helped me wrangle all those cables into one compartment. It's had some help too ...

Cable Snaps by Twelve South: $19.99

I bought these on a whim because I'd gone through several other cable organization products and was slightly frustrated with all of them. No more.

The Cable Snaps hold one end of the cable secure and then I wrap and snap. I put the wrapped cable into the Caddy Sack and everything is neat and in one spot. I love how easy it is to wrap the cable back up once I'm done using it - that was something that frustrated me about other organizers. 


Car Charger by Anker: $11.99

This one sort of speaks for itself. The drive from Chicago to Maryland is around 10 hours, so keeping my phone charged is kind of necessary. This dual-port option comes in handy on the rare occasion I need to charge my watch in the car, but mostly it comes to use when I have a passenger and they need to charge their phone. I had a previous dual-port charger and it went on the fritz. I bought a couple Anker braided Lightning Cables and love the products and decided to give their charger a chance. I'm so happy I did!


Mike Loveday

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