Five Things I Love About the iPhone X

I've had my iPhone X for more than three days now and I am enjoying it more than any phone I've owned before, with the exception of my first iPhone - the iPhone 4. 

After only a few days with it, I have a few initial thoughts on some of my favorite things.

Face ID

I’ve used Face ID with my baseball hat, my sunglass, and my running skull cap and it has yet to prompt me for a passcode. I set it up before I got my haircut, then tried it right after my haircut and it worked flawlessly. Face ID reminds me of when I first got a phone with Touch ID. I had an iPad Mini with no Touch ID and it became annoying to have to type in a passcode to unlock the device and was even more annoying to type in my password to make purchases.

Now, I don’t have to think about touching my device to unlock. I bring my phone up, swipe up and I’m in. This hit home for me during a run Monday morning. In the past, for me to unlock my phone I had to take off my gloves. Now, at 5 a.m. I brought up my phone and it unlocked. Since my gloves have the thread sewn in to allow it to work with touchscreen devices, I never had to take them off. And considering it was 31 degrees while I was running, it makes a difference. 

Now, having to use Touch ID on my iPad Pro feels like work.

That Screen

I was never envious of the screen size on the iPhone Plus. I was fine with the normal version. But after spending the weekend with the iPhone X, I find myself using it to read more than I ever did with previous versions. I used to push off certain types of content to my iPad. With the bigger real estate on the screen, I ended up plugging in my iPad last night and reading on my phone.

The Camera


I was envious of the iPhone Plus camera. When the plus version was released with the iPhone 6, I debated about buying the Plus for that dual camera. I wanted it even more with the release of Portrait Mode on the 7 Plus. But as a runner, I did not want that size phone in my pocket. I run with my phone in my pocket and it’s always been the most comfortable way for me to run. The Plus is too big for me, but the X is millimeters bigger than my 7 and fits the same. But I get the dual camera, complete with Portrait Mode. It hasn’t made me a better photographer, but I’ve been using the Portrait mode and the zoom option with the second camera to great effect. I haven’t explored it with video, but I’m going on a trip this weekend and I’m looking forward to annoying my girlfriend by taking photos and video every step of the way.



If you haven’t seen #AnimojiKaraoke yet, then do yourself a favor and check out some good examples on Twitter. While I’ve experimented with it, I haven’t achieved the same level of perfection others have to this point. But I have sent my girlfriend and friends several messages using Animoji. It’s pure fun. 


I wasn’t sure how much I’d miss the home button. After all, I’ve had an iPhone since the 4 and owned several iPads in that time. I’ve been pressing a home button for just about everything for the last five years. But the Swipe Up to unlock, go home, quick app switcher has all felt natural. I haven’t missed the home button yet. It has taken an adjustment for screenshots and I’m sure when I have to do a hard reset, I’ll have to think about it, but overall I don’t miss Home. Adding on to that swipe gesture is swiping right to switch between apps. I had to remind myself that this was an option after the first day, but once I found it, it’s been the way to quickly switch between the last few apps I’ve used. It seems like everything happens at the bottom of the screen now. Swipe up to go home, right to switch between apps. It makes it easy to hold the phone when lots of the gestures happen in one spot. 


Mike Loveday

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