iOS 12 Needs This One Feature


Apple needs to implement a feature that limits how much space the Photos app can use on your device.

What do you do when you get the alert that your iPad is almost out of space? Delete apps you do not use, remove movies you downloaded? That's what I did, but it did not help.

As I prepared to visit family for Thanksgiving break, I tried to download a movie but kept getting the not enough room alert. I went into the settings and noticed Photos is taking up more than 18GB of space. 

I never use my iPad to take photos, so these are all images taken from my phone and using the iCloud Photo Library. I have optimized iPad Storage turned on. According to Apple,

“with iCloud Photo Library, you can make more space available on your device and have your entire collection, everywhere you go. Smaller, space-saving photos and videos are kept on your device while all of your original, full-resolution versions are stored in iCloud. And as long as you have enough space in iCloud, you can store as many photos and videos as you want.”
Apple Support

I thought the amount of space used might be a bug, so I plugged the iPad into my MacBook Pro. I have the option to Transfer to Mac set to Automatic instead of Keep Originals in the hope that it would offload the images. No dice.

Even a Google search resulted in no answer how to force iOS to stop using so much space for photos. I could turn off iCloud Photo library, but I do use my iPad to edit images from time-to-time, so it's not a long-term solution.

Implementing an option in the Photo settings to set a max storage size for photos held on the device is ideal. The images would still be available in iCloud, but not stored locally. 

I do not need 18GB of photos stored on my iPad and buying an iPad with more storage seems silly when the only limitation is set by the OS. I'd prefer to have 3GB-5GB of storage reserved for photos, but maybe you don't need any more than 1GB.

Anyone else run into a similar issue or think I'm way off? 

Or is what I'm looking for already available and I'm missing it?

Let me know in the comments below.



Mike Loveday

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