I held off writing a review until I gave Shazam support ample time to respond to me directly to see if the app could be salvaged, but after two weeks of back-and-forth (they go days between responding to emails) I’ve decided to leave my thoughts. 

I don't have much to say about the application other than it does not work. It sits in the menu bar and says its running, but it does not recognize music being played on the computer or from an outside source.

Shazam support asked me to test my internal microphone. I did and it works. I mentioned to them that I tested the microphone with both Facetime and Skype and had no issues. They responded by asking me to shut down the computer because Skype may have been interfering with Shazam’s ability to use the microphone. Never mind that I had not used Skype for more than a year prior to this test and that Shazam was not working before the test. 

Another disappointment is there is no way to sync with an existing account to have all my tagged songs appear. I've found this as a fault with the iPhone and iPad editions as well. There's no harmonious support between devices. Sometimes I'll tag a song, but want to come back and decide if I want to buy it later. This is important if I'm tagging the song from a movie and may only be enjoying the song based on my reaction to the scene in which it's being used. With no sync between devices, if I tag that song using my iPad, but want to listen to that tagged song later and only have my phone, I'm out of luck.

I’m running Shazam on a 2012 Macbook Air so I don’t belive it should be a case of older hardware, but support hasn’t responded since last week so I’m giving up. I would like to say something positive about the app and the only thing I can think to say is that because it sits in the menu bar it’s out of the way. Still doesn't work though. One star.


Mike Loveday

I started my journalism career in college as an entertainment writer and eventually moved into the Sports Editor position. After graduation I worked as a Stringer for the Wilmington Star-News and covered Track & Field and Lacorsse. After eight months I was hired as a General Assignment Reporter for the Topsail Voice. In 2006, I was hired by Student Sports as a general assignment writer and moved into the role of Editor for Purchased by ESPN in July 2008, Student Sports relaunched as and I was promoted to the Contact Sports Editor in charge of football and lacrosse. In 2009, I took over lacrosse full-time. I am currently the Founder and COO of and the Mid-Atlantic reporter for US Lacrosse and where I manage the Nike/US Lacrosse Top 25 voting panel and a staff of four freelance journalists.