What About You?

"I don't want to be friends."

"You don't mean that."

"Yes. I do."

"You're just saying that because you're hurt and upset."

The Idea

Posted as part of a weekly exercise I've entitled, The Idea, to write a series of short stories that can act as standalone material, but are ultimately connected.

Section: Introduction
Section: The Start
Section: What About You?
Section: Under the Covers of Darkness
Section: Moving On
Section: That's Nice
Section: 122 To New York

"Ya think? I wonder what could be the reason for that."

"I didn't mean for it to happen this way."

"But you did mean for it to happen?"


"That's what I thought. All those times you told me I was insane for thinking this moment could happen. Fuck. I hate being right."

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't pretend anymore."

"I never wanted you to pretend. I wanted you to be happy. With me. It's all I've ever wanted. Do you have any idea how many days I've had to put a smile on my face when you come home? How many days I've sat in front of that computer, looking for a job and hoping that it's the last resume I'll have to send off? How the only thing I can think is how this isn't the way I wanted our lives together to start. How when I hear you complain about your commute to work that my heart aches because there isn't a goddamn thing I can do about it. Two months ago everything seemed fine, but now it's all going to shit and there's nothing I can do about it. This isn't what I wanted for us."

"I know."

”No. You don't. You just see the side of me you've chosen to see. And I know that's not all your fault. I'm a miserable bastard right now …"

"No you're not."

"Yes I am. I know because I can't stand to be around myself right now. I can't escape the confines of my own life. But I'm trying."

"I know you are."

"But you just don't care."

”I do care."

"It sure doesn't feel like it. It feels like you're running away when it gets tough. We're fucking engaged … Or were until the last five minutes … And you come home from work and tell me you don't want to be engaged anymore? It would have been nice to know that information six months ago."

"I did want to marry you. I just don't anymore. Maybe we can date. I just need time to myself."

"Date? The last thing I want to do is date my ex fiancé. There's two options. You stay and we try and work on this. I promise to try to be better. It's not going to happen overnight, but I promise I will try."


"Or, you go and we never see each other again."

"Don't say that. You're the person in this world that knows me better than anyone. I don't want to lose you."

"You should have thought about that before you kissed someone else then. Those are the choices. I know which one I want. What about you?"


Mike Loveday

I started my journalism career in college as an entertainment writer and eventually moved into the Sports Editor position. After graduation I worked as a Stringer for the Wilmington Star-News and covered Track & Field and Lacorsse. After eight months I was hired as a General Assignment Reporter for the Topsail Voice. In 2006, I was hired by Student Sports as a general assignment writer and moved into the role of Editor for MDVarsity.com. Purchased by ESPN in July 2008, Student Sports relaunched as ESPNRISE.com and I was promoted to the Contact Sports Editor in charge of football and lacrosse. In 2009, I took over lacrosse full-time. I am currently the Founder and COO of LaxRecords.com and the Mid-Atlantic reporter for US Lacrosse and where I manage the Nike/US Lacrosse Top 25 voting panel and a staff of four freelance journalists.